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Museums with Technology and Interaction

We Believe.

We believe nowadays museums can be much more fun and interactive while people intake knowledge and information faster and larger than ever.  Therefore, we integrate our technologies and solutions to create a unique experience.  The experience that will deepen visitor understanding and impression. 

We start to call them "Sci-tech museums".  

Retail Solution

We Lead.

We lead forward various retail solutions for enterprises.  We convert technologies into applications and applications into values.  Being their technical consultant, we provide practical approaches to leverage technologies, to minimize cost and to maximize efficiency.  AR/VR/MR will only play a bigger role in the future, why don't you talk with one of our specialists now? 

Interactive Projection Virtual Environment

We Dream.

We dream about the best way to present a virtual environment, not via VR headsets, but via projection.  A solution that allows you can see the virtual environment as well as interacting with the content.  Everything you imagine can now be seen and interacted in a physical space with a group of audience.  With our exclusive technologies and know-how, we made our dream come true.   

Property & Interior Design Visualization 

We Build.

We build 3D model from scratch to produce photo-realistic visualization of residential and commercial buildings before the brick and mortar are actually built.  As a result, we provide a one-stop solution to property developers and replicate elegant AR/VR/MR experiences for users to feel the space without his/her physical presence.  

Internet of Things
Smart City Industry 4.0



We dare to apply technologies in smart city and industry 4.0 initiatives, where we face more challenges in the integration with Internet of Thing (IoT).  Nonetheless, nothing good comes easy, we are proud to involve in profound R&D and define the value of AR/VR/MR in futuristic application.

Exhibition and Roving Event

We Love.

We love AR/VR/MR.  We also take a lot of joy witnessing people loving our products.  A public event reflects the level of satisfaction, and we love to know how we can improve and provide popular experience for Hong Kongers.  We have extensive expertise in organizing a successful event with combination of software and hardware.

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