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AR/VR/MR has now been a necessity to increase exhibition attractiveness and user engagement.   General Public is looking for more interactive and experience-typed activity over unidirectional, conventional media.  Therefore, we never stop inventing new approaches for exhibition.  A multi-year territory-wide programme entitled "All for Integrity" by ICAC is a very good example, applying AR/VR/MR technologies to provide an intriguing and educational experience in order to cultivate and nurture younger generation.  The programme involves six (6) VR experiences and ten (10) AR interactions. Apart from all technical development, Cordex was responsible to design exhibition and to manage over twenty (20) exhibitions in Hong Kong.  All technical products are connected to a backend system for which data of engagement level is collected and reflected after the events.  We are proud to see all products are fully occupied and popular among Hong Kongers.


As Cordex partners with different departments and event organizer, we have exclusive opportunity to showcase our AR/VR/MR to enormous audience and to prove the technologies are more than just gimmick.  We always like to develop long term values, which the products are practical and can be reused in other occasions, rather than one-off value.  However, we are capable in provision of one-stop services from event design to promotional material, interactive development, implementation and dismantle.  We can't wait to learn how we can incorporate your event idea and make it even bigger.

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