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Property and Interior Design

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Cordex has been intrigued in property development, we are lucky enough to be given the opportunity by Henderson Land, New World Development and Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels to develop a series of AR/VR/MR visualization tools, which allow user to visualize and feel the space before the property is actually built.  Apart from provision of a photo-realistic interior space, Cordex also supports a panoramic exterior view at different floors.  Cordex has extensive experience to convert CAD, design plan and material schedule into 3D digital space.  We pay extra attention to material and lighting: material as in pattern arrangement, material physical properties and appearance; lighting such as temperature, colour, brightness and propagation direction.  Combined all elements, Cordex develop various visualisation tools on mobile platform, touch table and projection used inside or out of property showroom.      


There are various approaches and platforms for property and interior design.  Our clients always struggle to choose the most ideal format to showcase their project, nonetheless, our cross platform development helps to maximize your 3D asset and realize visualization across different platforms, such as headsets, CAVE, touch panel, smart phone, tablet and web.  We are confident one of those platforms would be suitable to you.  Moreover, we believe it is also important to facilitate interaction, so that, user can customize the interior space with limitless furniture, material and lighting.  We build database to store your valuable 3D asset for real-time customization, which highlight the difference, embed commenting and shorting decision making.  

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