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Interactive Virtual Environment

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Our dream has always been developing an interactive virtual environment that expand the concept and definition of VR.  VR is not just all about a helmet or an one-person experience.  Sometimes, VR can be done by projection as long as people feel immersed.  So, we brought forward the concept and were thrilled to turn our dream into a reality - the first nature-themed interactive projection museum in Hong Kong, E-Planet.  E-Planet has four areas, each area has a unique theme, design style and experience.  Yet, four areas converge for one storytelling.  Each area can accommodate over FIFTY (50) visitors at one time.  The system consists of over FIFTY (50) computers, THIRTY (30) projectors and FORTY (40) sensors, creating a virtual environment not just people can see and feel immersed, but also touch and interact the virtual elements.  The satisfaction is beyond words when we witness visitors enjoying E-Planet so much.  After this development, we cannot help asking ourselves: what is our next venture?


Cordex was invited to join Design Inspire 2019 by HKTDC.  We, therefore, accepted the invitation and treated it as a challenge for building an interactive projection system in one and half day.  We carefully weighted the pros and cons of various approaches, chose the material and technical hardware that fulfill the HKCEC's regulation, and outlined the execution plan.  We used truss frame as the main structure for high construction speed and good strength, light-absorbing cloth on projection surface to minimize the light reflection, and high fire-resistant black cloth to cover the structure.  We also created the content around Hong Kong traditional characteristics in a very short time.  At the end of the day, we really built a  temporary interactive projection system to showcase in Design Inspire 2019.  Now, the set up can be customized for various size and projection configuration with different content at different venues. 

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