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AR/VR/MR has been a mystery in retail, mainly retailers do not know how to apply technologies to create values in this fast-moving market.  Conventional approaches, for example, TV advertisement, eDM, online marketing and etc., are normally the focuses.  Nonetheless, Cordex has the privilege to serve several significant retailers in Hong Kong.  One of our longest clients is Pricerite, the largest household products stores in Hong Kong.  We have been their technical consultant on 3D asset management, 3D production optimization and AR/VR/MR application.  Cordex developed the first version of Pricerite App in 2016 and it has been evolving with more practical function and advanced technologies.  Consumers can us the Pricerite App to visualize products in one-to-one scale, interior design features and customize his/her interior space.  The Pricerite App is designed to enhance both in-shop and in-home experience, easing decision making and retaining customers.  We will develop more valuable functions in upcoming updates.  


Apart from Pricerite, Cordex also developed other retail examples, which successfully deployed in the market.  They includes AR Campaign at shop and hot spot, AR Station at point of sales and AR Interaction/game.  The approach helps to freshen the brand image and make it more appealing to younger generation.  Nowadays, AR/VR/MR has been an eye-catching term or a gimmick to the general public.  We always pay extra attention to up lift the quality and co-create an application that is beneficial to different retailers. 

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