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We always wanted to integrate AR/VR/MR technologies in Museums.  Not just throwing in the technologies, but merging them into the design and backbone, presenting the journey as one.  What if museum experience can evolve and breakthrough with technologies?  An experience that is interactive and immersive, where visitor can learn abstract concept and in-depth knowledge like they never before.  We are pleased to present one of our featured projects, the MINDSPACE, probably the first museum of mental health in Hong Kong.  Cordex, appointed as the technical contractor, was responsible to develop EIGHTEEN (18) interactive areas to introduce mental health in the past, present and future.  Apart from interactive touch display, there is THREE (3) projection areas, ONE (1) hologram and FOUR (4) VR Experience Rooms.  It is also worth mentioning about the Registration System, where individual and group visitors can pre-register a visit and walk in with a wristband that facilitate the operation: check-in/out, gain more information and schedule time slot.  The system also collect visitor data for research and study purposes.  The MINDSPACE is now open to public, operating six days a week, from nine in the morning to six in the evening. 


We are most honored to have the opportunity to serve the Hong Kong Customs, a disciplined services with over 110 years of history.  To tell a story, we must first understand the story.  We takes even longer time to comprehend the profound background of Customs, consolidate past/present content and formulate a user experience, than to construct and develop the exhibition gallery.  We are so proud to learn from this profession with strong mentality, absolute discipline and incredible team work.  We take a lot of joy visiting over THIRTY (30) Customs facilities in Hong Kong in order to compile into an E-Map.  Also, we had one of a kind opportunities to be at restricted areas and witness impressive daily duty of Hong Kong Customs, and translate into VR Simulation.  Moreover, we installed a LED wall and projected time tunnel to welcome our visitors.  Multiple touch display to present information and media.  It is certainly delightful to acknowledge our services are satisfactory and up to their high standard.     

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