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Cordex Intelligence developed the world's first AR Alphabet.

Applied AR on all alphabets for children English learning.

 17th December, 2016

About AR Alphabet

AR Alphabet is the very first toy product that applies AR on all alphabets for children learning.  It requires children, from 3-6 years old, to discover and pick up the alphabets, spell into correct words, and visualize the objects in 360˚.  With AR technology, learning is no longer restricted to 2-D static images, but is enhanced to 3-D.  AR Alphabet is a virtual teacher, it detects the correct spelling and reward the children with over 200+ 3-D animations.  Learning English has never been more fun and interactive.  

Cordex Intelligence, as the sole developer of AR Alphabet, has covered 100% of the product development, from hardware/software design to packaging, technical development and distribution.  We are highly committed to build better educational toys for new generation and improve the learning outcomes with novel technologies. 

AR Alphabet is going into the market for sale across the globe, for example, Toys"R"Us (AUS), Big W, Amazon, Ebay and more... It is also used as an educational tool in kindergartens and play groups to enhance the interaction between teachers and children.  We are glad to have the opportunity to work with one of the world's biggest toy companies to continue the development, but nothing is merrier to see the smile on children's faces while they are learning with AR Alphabet.

To learn more, please visit www.aralphabet.com.

AR Alphabet 

from scratch to sketch.


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